At Instinct Interiors we work together with you from the plans, through the decision making process, managing the project through to the final touches. We can do this face to face or provide online interior design consultation.

We take a look at the overall plan

Firstly we look at the floor plan and work with you and your architect to provide fresh eyes to the final stages of the concept design phase. We confirm the scope and objective of the project, then start to work on the finer details of design delivery.

The devil is in the details

We begin to develop the details, with the end result in mind. We discuss your ideas, style, goals and end vision and purpose for each area. From here we draft CAD drawings to help you visualise the final space.


We will guide you through the decision making process, helping you choose products, fittings and materials. We confirm specifications, construction drawings, layout and final aesthetic intent for the space.

Design and project management

Once the design concepts are approved we can manage the project alongside your builder and trades people. We assist with sourcing materials, installation and decision-making during construction.

Final touches

We will work with you through to final installation. We can manage any last minute changes or adjustments, advising on final details. Once you have settled in we are here for on-going advice.